Xbox One December Update Improves ESRAM Performance

The December Xbox One development update actually gives developers the power to improve the overall performance of the console, including offering greater control of ESRAM (embedded static ram) inside the Xbox One. This is according to Maciej Binkowski, a lead game designer at Techland, the developers behind Dying Light, who went on record explaining the benefits of the December Xbox One SDK update in an interview with GamingBolt.

“We were using the latest version just prior to the new release that came out on December 12th,” Binkowski said. “In terms of advantages, the main thing is just how much the ESRAM control has improved. In terms of advantages, the main thing is just how much the ESRAM control has improved. The new API allows you to do a lot more with the ESRAM, things devs have always wanted to do but were not easily accessible. This together with better tools allowed us to really improve performance and tweak ESRAM usage.”

Dying Light is due out on Xbox One, PC and PS4 (It was due out on last generation consoles too but that idea was eventually wiped) later this month, and it’s shaping up to be a pretty impressive game. The developers at Techland have said that it will run at 1080p with a lock at 30 fps on both the Xbox One and the PS4. Keep your eyes peeled for our eventual review.

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

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