Final Fantasy XV’s Cid is a female mechanic


If you’ve ever played through one of the many Final Fantasy games you’ve definitely come across Cid before. Cid is a recurring character who, although represented by a different person in each installment, has appeared in every Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy II. He began his Final Fantasy career as one of the city of Fynn’s knights, later acquiring an airship and leaving Fynn’s service to seek out his own fortune. Cid is usually a quirky mechanic of sorts who helps out the main protagonist and his or her party.

Final Fantasy XV is the newest installment in the main numbered Final Fantasy series and Square Enix has been teasing us with various trailers and tid-bits for some time now – the latest of which is the following ‘Jump Festa 2015’ trailer which had the Final Fantasy fans here at Continue Play salivating.

The trailer gives us the first peek at Cidney (see what they did there?) a young, blonde woman with a face caked in motor oil and a fairly stereotypical Southern US accent. It appears that Cidney is going to play the role of the mechanic once more for you and your party, whose main form of transportation is a pretty slick-looking black car. While the decision to cast Cid as a female character is, in my opinion, a good one considering the rest of the main party looks a lot like a boy band, it will be interesting to see what other Final Fantasy fans think of the decision.

For a full list of Cid’s appearances in Final Fantasy you can take a look here. My personal favorite has to be Cid Haze from Final Fantasy III (which was recently re-released on Steam), his Santa Claus-like beard and pointy nose remain a fond memory to this day.


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