UKIP parody game upsets UK politician Nigel Farage

UKIK, a student-made game which parodies UK Politician and EU-botherer Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party, seems to have upset the beer-swilling figurehead.

Created by a group of Canterbury Academy students collectively known as SWD, UKIK lets you take control of the character Nicholas Fromage, and then invites you to take a shot at kicking immigrants off a cliff and into the English Channel. If you fail, the economy falls by 1%. The game was created as a mockery of the party’s perceived racist and extremist views.

UKIKFarage, however, didn’t appreciate the joke. He told the Kentish Gazette that he considered the game “risible and in many ways pathetic” and considered elements of the game to “cross the line”, in particular the racism meter – which has since been swapped out for a simple high score counter.

He wasn’t entirely critical of their intentions, however. “Fair play to them for having a bit of fun,” he said.  “If they want to go away and look at UKIP policies, they will actually learn a lot.”

SWD consists of five 18-year olds – John Brown, James Dupreez, Fraser Richardson, John Hutchinson and Joe Brown – who are all learning coding, graphic design and games development as part of their college course. The game was released back in May to “try and encourage political discussion amongst young people.”

Marcus Brown, a co-founder of Ambition House – which was set-up at the Canterbury Academy two years ago – stated: “What’s great about UKIK is that it has been created by young people to encourage others of their age to start talking about politics. It’s irreverent and a game based upon the British tradition of political satire that pokes fun at a high-profile figure and should not be taken too seriously as it is entertainment.”

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