Destiny reaches for the stars, hitting nearly 13 million players

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Bungie has announced that Destiny has been played by nearly 13 million players (12,869,066 from Bungie’s last count, but likely to be more by now).

According to the developer, a staggering 23 million (22,932,276 to be exact) Guardians have been created (players are allowed to create up to a maximum of three) so far.

The developer has also said that Destiny now commands a staff of over 500, working on the next round of DLC as well as the sequel, and that the game cost Activision an eye-watering $500m to fund the new IP. Although no official sales figures have been announced as of yet, Activision  has stated that it is the largest IP launch to date with 3.2 million people back in October– beating Ubisoft’s recently crowned winner, Watchdogs.

Other fun stats that Bungie have released include the information that the infamous Vault of Glass boss (Atheon) has been defeated 2.4m times, whilst the boss from the recently released Dark Below DLC (Crota’s End raid) has only been defeated 769 times. This is likely due to it being so new, so expect that to increase substantially over Christmas.

These figures pale into somewhat insignificance against some other juggernaut franchises such as Call of Duty (a series which enjoyed a staggering 40 million monthly active users at its height) and Minecraft (reportedly having 100 million registered users).

Kyle Barrows reviewed Destiny for us, though he wasn’t overly enamored by it, awarding it a score of 6/10 and criticizing the lack of content on offer and its reliance on grinding once the story has been completed. “Bungie built an amazing and unique universe for us to explore, but filled it with the most uninspired and standard content possible,” he said in his Destiny Review. “If Bungie could have delivered on even half the promises it made, Destiny could have been something great. Instead, we are left with the skeleton of good game – and not much more.”

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