Brand new Just Cause 3 screenshots skydive in

Just Cause 3 screenshot

New screenshots have been released by developer Avalanche Studios, showing off more of Just Cause 3 – both the gameworld and its wonderful toys.

In the screenshots below, we can see returning protagonist Rico making use of the parachute and grappling hook, as well as some spectacular mayhem being unleashed. I particularly like the shot that sees Rico and a friend tethered to a propane cylinder. It brings back fond memories of all the hijinks I got up to in Just Cause 2.

Hopefully, Just Cause 3 features a little more variety this time around – while huge, the previous game had a tendency to reuse assets and repeated the same objectives over and over again across its world. With a little luck, Avalanche has managed to populate the 400km-squared area in the latest game with more original content.

Just Cause 3 is due to be released next year for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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