EA executive chairman Larry Probst steps down

Larry Probst, executive chairman at Electronic Arts, has informed the relevant board of directors that he plans to step down as an EA employee starting from January, according to an SEC filing that was made public on the 8 December. Probst, according to the filing, is not stopping his service on the company’s board as the non-executive chairman.

Probst has been at EA since 1984, when he was originally the vice president of sales. When John Riccitiello decided to step down as president and chief operating officer back in 2004, Probst took on his duties (Riccitiello was re-hired by Probst in 2007 as CEO). When Riccitiello stepped down (again) in 2013, Probst took up his role yet again while on the hunt for his replacement.

“Larry Probst became an employee of EA again when he stepped in as interim CEO in March 2013. He remained in an employee capacity following Andrew Wilson’s appointment as CEO in September 2013 to assist with the CEO transition.” an EA representative told Polygon. “He is stepping down as an employee of EA effective January 1, 2015.  He remains the chairman of our board and there are no plans for Mr. Probst to step down as Board chairman.”

This news coincides with the news that U.S. Olympic Committee, which Probst not only belongs to but is the head of, is making an effort to land the 2024 Olympics.

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

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