No Man’s Sky gets a swanky new trailer.

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Joe Danger developer Hello Games has revealed new footage of their upcoming PS4-exclusive space-based exploration game, No Man’s Sky.

Debuting at last night’s Video Game Awards event, the footage gives us a fresh glimpse at the seamless transition between space travel and planetary surface exploration. Interestingly, and perhaps disappointingly for some, the video displays issues with frame rate drops and texture pop-in. Nothing drastic, but certainly noticeable. That said, the game is still very much in the development process, and we won’t be able to gauge its final performance until No Man’s Sky is released sometime next year.

No Man’s Sky was originally announced for PC, before later becoming a timed PS4 exclusive. An open-ended, procedurally-generated exploration game, players are free to travel through the universe at their leisure and allows you to seamlessly transition between flying through space and exploring planets on foot. It also has a rather attractive art style, described by the studio as being inspired by classic sci-fi artwork. While there is a background story – and you can discover ancient artifacts and learn more about the universe you’ll find yourself in – for the most part, you’re left to do what you want. It’s a hugely ambitious game, coming from a small team, but it quickly became one of the most anticipated upcoming titles following its reveal at E3 last year.

Check out the new trailer below.

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