Final Fantasy VII to see release on PS4

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Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto has confirmed that Final Fantasy VII is going to see a re-release on Sony’s PlayStation 4 during this weekend’s PlayStation Experience conference. Unfortunately for fans of graphical marvels, the release is going to be a direct port from the PC version of Final Fantasy VII, and will feature no graphical improvements or sound upgrades given the newer system.

For fans of the series, this should be good news. For others, I’m not quite sure. Given that Final Fantasy VII has seen a PlayStation One Classic release for the PlayStation 3, PSP and PlayStation Vita in the past – in addition to also being available digitally on PC – without any major changes or graphical upgrades, I’m not entirely certain exactly who the target audience is.

More Final Fantasy VII can’t possibly be a bad thing, but I’m not entirely certain if it’s really much of a good one, either.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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