Resident Evil HD will release January 20th

Resident Evil HD screenshot

Capcom has revealed the official release date for Resident Evil HD – the remastered version of the classic survival horror.

Resident Evil HD isn’t based on the original Playstation One title from 1996. Instead, it’s an enhanced port of the classic 2002 remake for Nintendo’s Gamecube – widely regarded as the best installment in the entire series. REmake, as it’s known, introduced new areas, remixed the layout of the Spencer Mansion in which the game is set, and introduced new enemy types – like the dreaded Crimson Head zombie variant.

Resident Evil HD will be released on January 20th for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and will cost $19.99/ £15.99. Sadly, there’s no Wii U release date planned (boo!).

On last-gen consoles, the game’s visuals be in 720p, but current-gen owners will be able to enjoy the game in 1080p (hurrah!). The game’s sound has also been remastered to 5.1 surround. Elsewhere, the game enjoys a new difficulty mode – Very Easy – for players who might find the game too challenging, while a number of different control schemes are offered. Players can switch between classic “tank” controls, and a more modern scheme which sees characters moving in the direction that the analogue sticks are pushed. You can even switch the aspect ration from the new 16:9 widescreen and the original 4:3 ratios, which is nice.

In addition to the release date, Capcom has also released a number of screenshots and a new (and rather brief) trailer, which you can see below.

Are you looking forward to revisiting Racoon City?

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