PlayStation celebrates its 20th birthday by going grey with new PS4

PlayStation celebrates its 20th birthday by going grey with new PS4

It’s difficult to believe, but it’s already been 20 years since Sony’s PlayStation first launched.

Where on earth has the time gone?

Since then, Sony’s computer entertainment division went from strength to strength with PlayStation 2, wobbled a bit in the early years of PlayStation 3, before coming out strong this gen with the PlayStation 4. We’ve also had a few handhelds – the PSP (which did well in its native Japan but failed to set the rest of the world on fire), the disastrously misdjudged PSP GO, and now the Vita – which continues to plod along at a relatively sedate pace, despite being an excellent machine.

To celebrate two whole decades of PlayStation, Sony is set to release a new grey version of the PS4 in recognition of the achievements of its original box. Announced at The PS4 Experience, the new console – which you can see in the images above and below – will send a nostalgic shiver down the spine of gamers of a certain age. With its gunmetal coloring and that logo on the front, it could have come straight from the early 90s. Look closer, and you’ll notice that the whole thing is covered in the now-iconic PlayStation sumbols, as well as the number 2 cleverly inserted just before the circle.

A similarly-themed PlayStation Camera and Dualshock 4 controller round out the package.

If you want one of these beauties, you’ll need to be quick – Sony is only making 12,300 of the special edition machines, and selling them at $499. Unfortunately, the machine is limited to Japan and North America – though Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, has told EU and UK gamers (via PlayStation Blog) to “look out for more information soon on how you can get your hands on one of these highly collectable consoles.”

Ebay? We’re guessing Ebay.

There’s some pictures of the special edition below. It looks rather fetching, we think. How about you?

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