5 Portal 2 Easter Eggs that you might have missed


Valve is undoubtedly an outstanding company when it comes to developing and promoting games. One of their biggest franchises to date has received awards left right and center, and that franchise is Portal.

Originally conceived by a small team of developers going by the name Nuclear Monkey Software, Narbacular Drop was a slightly rough, but nonetheless interesting student project which first featured the now-familiar portals. The game quickly turned heads – and Gabe Newell’s was among them. After bringing the team into the Valve fold, Newell set them to work – to create a new game using the principles seen in their original project.

The result was Portal, and the rest is history.

Following the phenomenal success of the first game, it was only a matter of time before we got a sequel, and Valve didn’t disappoint. Featuring the return of homicidal AI Wheatley, a far more robust storyline and excellent new characters such as Wheatley and Cave Johnson. In keeping with their usual trend of shoving tiny little details into their previous games (Half-Life, Portal 1, L4D), Valve yet again gave us a nigh-on perfect game with a lot of hidden features. Here, we cover just 5 of the many hidden easter eggs found in Portal 2, which you may or may not know about.

So here it goes… Wait, what? You’re telling us when this post is over we’ll be missed?! What is that meant to mean?

1. Stealing Wheatley (Test Chamber 7)


After claiming both companion cubes and watching them disintegrate before your eyes – thanks GLaDOS – return immediately next to the lift where you’ll eventually see a panel move.

As it moves back, Wheatley should pop his little robotic head out. If you’re quick enough, you can actually grab him as you would a companion cube and take him with you on your travels.

Having said that, after passing through the faulty emancipation grill and heading into the lift, you’ll find that he disappears after the loading screen for the next test chamber finishes. In an ideal world it would be great to be able to take him around with you throughout the facility rather than just listening to him moaning.

2. Chell’s Science Project (Chapter 5)


During your exploration of the “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day” science fair, you’ll see many a projects from flaccid volcanoes to boring potatoes. However, if you approach the final project and zoom in on the piece of cardboard you will be able to see “by Chell” scrawled in the corner.

Many theories have circulated since the discovery, the most common one being that Chell is in fact the daughter of one of Aperture Science’s employees. Another theory is that Chell herself actually lived in the facility or at least was trapped there for a very long time. Valve being Valve, a definitive explanation remains elusive – but the developer rarely puts these things in their games by accident.

3. Chamber 19 from Portal 1… backwards


After getting the dual-portal gun back from the recently awakened GLaDOS towards the beginning of the game, you find yourself exploring and intertwining yourself around a maze of moving panels.

Seems rather desolate, doesn’t it? Well this entire maze is actually Test Chamber 19 from the first Portal, only in reverse. You may notice that quite a few things have changed, namely that it is utterly knackered and is falling apart on all sides.

This remarkably well-disguised easter egg, to a non-seasoned player, actually shocked us when we originally discovered it. Such a simple idea that is incredibly effective, while being a great nod to the first game.

4. GLaDOS quotes Moby Dick (Test Chamber 8)

We all remember the Test Chamber where GLaDOS rather smart-arsedly tells us that she quickly needs to go somewhere before giving us, supposedly, the solution to the puzzle. She does, however, give us this solution in a sped-up manner. That monster.

Obviously, we have all wanted at some point to slow down this audio clip to actually hear what she’s saying. Turns out, she’s simply quoting Moby Dick.

Her actual line of dialogue says “And methodically knocking people’s hats off – then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can.”

5. P-Body Appears (Test Chamber 15)

Although the single player and multiplayer campaigns of Portal 2 aren’t directly linked, we can catch a glimpse of the legendary P-Body while venturing through the facility as Chell.

During Chapter 8, Wheatley begins moving crates around to show his power. During the re-arrangement of Test Chamber 15, if you zoom in to look at the doorway you will be able to see P-Body entering the chamber. The little scamp does a little dance before quickly departing.


A cute but neat little trick. We always appreciate it when Valve packs their games with tiny little details – which makes us reminisce about the G-Man from the Half-Life franchise.

So there you have it: five of our favorite easter eggs that can be found in Portal 2. Hopefully Portal 3 will go above and beyond on these hidden features.

Who knows, maybe Half-Life 3 too? Nope? Okay..

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