The Old City: Leviathan gets an onimous launch trailer.

The Old City Review

The Old City: Leviathan has received a launch trailer ahead of its official release date this coming Wednesday – slightly delayed from its initial release date of today.

In the trailer, which you can see below, you can get an idea of the ominous tone that indie developer PostMod Softworks has gone for in their debut title. The first episode of a larger story, Leviathan is a first-person, narrative-driven exercise which sees you exploring a dark and disturbing world as it twists and changes around you. The developer describes the game as a mix of “the meandering, ambiguous narrative of Dear Esther, the multi-linear structure of Gone Home, and the unfathomable, warping environment of The Stanley Parable.

PostMod Softworks’ Blaine Bowen recently wrote a guest developer column for Continue Play, discussing the tricky balancing act of indie development and artistic integrity, which you can read here. We’ll have an interview with him sometime later this week, so you can get even more of an idea about the thought processes that go into designing something as twisted – but oddly beautiful – as the environment you’ll find yourself exploring.

Simply put, The Old City: Leviathan is weird – but certainly wonderful, as Oli Zimmerman found out in the process of writing our upcoming review. Eagle-eyed watchers will even see a sneaky peek of our review score in the trailer, ahead of when the game launches later this week.

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