UPDATE: We now have even more copies of Goat Simulator to give away!

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UPDATE: Thanks to given given another round of codes by Coffee Stain, we’re extending the competition until next Friday, December 5! Winners so far will still get their codes over the weekend, however – so keep an eye on your inboxes over the next couple of days.

ORIGINAL POST: The wonderful people at Coffee Stain have given us 40 copies of the excellent – and rather mental – Goat Simulator to give away to readers.

To be eligible, simply answer the mutliple-choice question in the form below. The competition closes on Friday, November 28. Winners will then be emailed with their code over the weekend.

In case you’re not aware, Goat Simluator sees you taking on the role of a Goat and causing chaos in what is (apparently) the realm of Limbo. Since its initial release a number of content updates have been rolled out, the latest of which turns the game into something akin to an MMO – complete with the ability to choose from a number of different character classes, including, oddly, a microwave. Still not convinced? Here’s our very own Kyle Barrows wreaking havoc earlier this year:

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