Sony announces Cloud-based television streaming service, PlayStation Vue

As time moves on and technology progresses, the television is undergoing a change. From cathode ray to blu-ray, it seems the relevance of television sets, acting simply as boxes into which people plug their cable, has softened. Adding onto that consoles, Blu-ray players, DVRs, streaming devices, and even media PCs have changed the face of television to be less about cable TV, and much more about anything else in addition to the television. Many households are forgoing television cable at all, settling for options like Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, or what have you. Television simply isn’t the beast it used to be, and now it’s changing again.

Sony has announced PlayStation Vue, a Cloud-based streaming service somewhere at the intersection of pre-recorded video and on-demand streaming. The system allows users to travel through the last three days of programming (or up to 28 days if the shows are selected as “favorites”), suggests shows they may like, and even lets certain shows be recorded and stored on the cloud to keep as long as they’d like with no restrictions. As it is, it’s a pretty sweet deal, offering material from several networks (including Fox, Viacom, CBS, Discovery and so on in the U.S.), and reportedly “around” 75 channels during the beta. Further, users have no contracts to sign, just a month-to-month subscription cost. While Sony hasn’t elaborated how much the actual subscription cost would be, but that it will be a “fair and competitive price that is transparent with no hidden fees or charges.”

The beta will be beginning in an invite-only capacity in November for select PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners, and slated for a commercial launch early 2015 on the same platforms, with iPad and “later on more Sony and non-Sony devices.”

Is it just me, or did they really miss an opportunity to put television content onto a Playstation TV? C’mon guys, that one was screaming at you.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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