Premiere trailer – Tales From the Borderlands: A Telltale Game Series


If you managed to squeak your way into E3 or PAX Prime about this time last year, you were lucky enough to get your eyes on a teaser trailer, but now Telltale Games has released their official world premiere trailer for the much anticipated Tales From the Borderlands: A Telltale Game Series.

Way back, we caught glimpses of what this 5 part episodic series would look like, but the world premiere trailer is our first “official” glimpse of a Pandora in motion as shown by Telltale.

In addition to the trailer, we also got some final casting details, with Troy Baker as Rhys,  Laura Bailey as Fiona,  Chris Hardwick as Vaughn,  Erin Yvette as Sasha, Patrick Warburton as Vasquez, Nolan North as August, and  Dameon Clarke reprising his role as Handsome Jack. That’s all that’s been confirmed at the moment, but the trailer highlights interactions between Zer0, the enigmatic assassin from Borderlands 2, so it’s very possible we’ll see more familiar characters as more details are announced.

Speaking of details, Handsome Jack kindly confirms that Tales from the Borderlands takes place after the events of Borderlands 2, and we find ourselves back on Pandora and in search of a Vault Key. This time, though, we’ll play as Rhys the “company man” and Fiona the “con artist” in search of a Vault Key in what appears to be a bid for their own personal fame and wealth rather than the classic Vault Hunter strategy of kill, loot, repeat. Rhys apparently aspires to be the next Handsome Jack, while Fiona is just looking to score her next big bid.

As Tales From the Borderlands will be in the style of Telltale’s The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us, and not Gearbox’s classic FPS, we’ll be playing as both Rhys and Fiona as they plot and scheme their way through a bandit-infested planet – good times.

The season premiere episode Zer0 – Sum will be released as a digital download on both PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One for $4.99. PSN users can pay $19.99 for the Season Pass, allowing downloads of the remaining Episodes 2-5 as they become available, while Xbox Live users will pay $14.99. PC and Mac users can grab Tales From the Borderlands via the Telltale Online Store, Steam, or other online distributors as a Season Pass for $24.99. It looks like Xbox is the way to go here, kiddos. What I can’t tell you is when, but I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as that information is available.

Telltale is also releasing Tales From the Borderlands on iOS and Android devices sometime before the end of 2014 (though again, they haven’t release any dates).

Still, it looks like the collaboration between Gearbox and Telltale is going to result in great experience, especially if you’re a fan of the franchise (you know, like me).

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