Xbox One on the edge of 10 million units sold

Between the elevated cost at launch and the mandatory Kinect accessory, the Xbox One had a rocky start. It was further exasperated by middling fan and industry response, which left the starting Xbox One on an off-foot. However, with the emergence of good exclusives like Sunset Overdrive and great exclusives like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, in addition to a recent US price drop for the holiday season, it seems that the Xbox One is getting some momentum.

According to the Xbox Wire, the Xbox One is just shy of having sold 10 million units. For context of how massive that is, the last reported sales numbers were 6.34 million, which is a difference of nearly 4 million units. In the press release, Corporate Vice President of Devices and Studios, Yusuf Mehdi, had the following to say:

Almost one year ago, I had the honor of shaking hands with hundreds of fans at our Xbox One launch in New York City. We have listened to your feedback and have worked hard to deliver hundreds of improvements to Xbox One, celebrated the launch of amazing new games, and sought ways to offer more value for you.  As we reach this milestone, I remain awestruck by your passion for games and your support of Xbox One.  Thank you for an incredible year.

Seems to be a good end of the year for Microsoft, and also good news for Xbox One players who’ll hopefully see the swell in the coming days as more and more players find their way into online games.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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