Bioware helps a fan propose to her girlfriend in Mass Effect.

It seems BioWare, the company behind great games such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect, has a bit of a soft spot for a bit of romance. A fan named Jackie asked BioWare Montreal for help proposing to her partner, and they answered by pulling out all the stops. With the help of a small team consisting of level designer Colin Campbell, writer Ann Lemay and QA analyst Barret Rodych, a new level that had subtle hints and references to their relationship was created.

The next step was getting Jackie’s partner, Amy, to play the level. The studio manager at BioWare, Marie-Renée Brisebois, made up a fake contest called “A Day With Our Devs” and a letter was sent to Amy informing them that they had won the contest and that the prize included playing a new Mass Effect level and providing feedback to the developers. To help make the whole sham seem more real, employees stood by watching and taking notes as she played.

“I was really nervous, even having gone through the level 20 times on my own making sure all the doors were working and all the message boxes were working,” Rodych said. “But I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

urY3qhAnwcsU.878x0.Z-Z96KYqThe whole thing came to a climax in a final room that contained a single console and a wall plastered with 50-foot-high graffiti consisting of Jackie and Amy’s names for one another. When Amy activated the console a message was displayed that read, “Dear Amy, Jackie would like to ask you something. Love, all of us at BioWare.”

This is when Jackie took out the ring and proposed. . “When she got to that room, everyone around was riveted and hoping she’d say yes. It was a beautiful sight to see. No matter how grumpy you are, when you see a thing like that you can’t help but smile and maybe even tear up a bit.”

Amy said yes, thankfully – all thanks to the helping hand of BioWare. You kind of feel all warm and fuzzy inside, right? You can read more about the whole endeavor here.

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

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    Hey, the title uses the male pronoun, but the article is about a woman proposing to her female partner. Just thought you might want to correct the title.

    • Oops, our mistake! We’ve corrected that now, thanks for the feedback!