Blizzard announces new multiplayer shooter, Overwatch

Blizzard has just reminded us that, indeed, the world could really use more heroes. In a heart-warming, action-filled, cinematic teaser trailer sort of way. On stage at Blizzcon 2014, Blizzard unveiled a new property by the name of Overwatch, a “team-based multiplayer shooter” as described by Jeffrey KaplanOverwatch will be the first new IP (Intellectual Property) from Blizzard in over 17 years.

Check out the trailer:

In addition to the teaser-trailer, Blizzard also revealed some great looking game play footage. At a glance, fans of Team Fortress 2 will feel right at home with the cartoonish graphics, class and objective-based mission structures. The graphics and gameplay look smooth and appealing, as one might expect from Blizzard, but the segmented nature of the trailer leaves a little room for question as to whether or not the game itself will be this smooth and beautiful in practice.

Overwatch beta will be available sometime in 2015, though sign-ups are currently open at The site has been bogged down since the announcement, but keep trying and you’ll eventually get through (we did). BlizzCon attendees will also be able to play an early version throughout the weekend with developers nearby. Blizzard is looking forward to hearing from players before the game’s mechanics are finalized.

More news will be provided as it becomes available.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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