Majora’s Mask 3D announced for Spring 2015.

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November, premiering Nintendo Direct. A full re-creation, Majora’s Mask making appearance on the 3DS.

All references aside, the most recent Nintendo Direct has announced, among other titles, a remake of Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS handhelds. This announcement likely comes as little surprise to Nintendo fans, as its predecessor has been out on the handheld since June 2011, and was both well-reviewed and well-loved.

Majora’s Mask is something of an oddity in the Zelda series. A direct sequel to Ocarina of Time, in Majora players were tasked with preventing the destruction of the world of Termina. A mechanic was introduced whereby Link was required to rewind time continually in order to progress in the game, as every 3 days the world would be destroyed. Majora’s Mask was also notably darker than other Zelda games, featuring more mature themes and a particularly fatalist atmosphere. Despite, or perhaps because of this, it has since gone on to become regarded as a classic. Many even regard it as the best Zelda game ever made, superior to Ocarina of Time.

Fans of the Legend of Zelda series will no doubt be excited about this news then, and those with persisting phobias of the moon should be careful – Majora’s Mask 3D will all be coming down in Spring of 2015.

Taylor Hidalgo

Taylor Hidalgo

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