Failbetter Games announces Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Dragon Age: The Last Court has been announced after “more than a year” in development, to coincide with this month’s Dragon Age: Inquisition from Bioware and EA.

Developed by Failbetter Games – whose choose-your-own adventure game Fallen London and tie-in game Sunless Sea have proven very popular among players seeking more narrative-led experiences – will be a companion browser game to the upcoming RPG game Dragon Age: Inquisition. In typical Bioware fashion, you’ll be able to choose characters and their Court, traits, and even lovers, before attempting to manage the demands of your citizens, your land’s reputation and its future. Failbetter Games describes The Last Court as “an eccentric fiefdom at the farthest ends of Orlais.”

Like Fallen London, The Last Court will run on the developer’s proprietary StoryNexus engine, which allows players to not only play existing games but also to develop their own, using the same tools as Failbetter Games themselves. With StoryNexus, creating your own games is a relatively straightforward experience, though as you would imagine, the more plot branches and decisions you add to a story increases its complexity exponentially.

The Last Court will be available in The Dragon Keep, Bioware’s own online experience that allows gamers to re-create the history of their saved files. For a snippet of the game, check out the video below.


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