Capcom’s quarterly results make for grim reading.

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Capcom’s revenue dipped sharply last quarter due to the lack of new major titles releases.

At least, that’s what analysts speculated, after the publisher announced falls in revenue of $239.4 million year-on-year – a decline of 51.3%. Profits also were down at $27.8 million – a 39.9% decline over the previous year.

In the previous year, Capcom’s experienced high financial gains due to the success of their game Monster Hunter 4However, with no other major title scheduled to be released the company revenues and profits inevitably faltered.

In a statement, Capcom acknowledged the lack of new major releases to be the cause of their lack in financial gains.

Because small titles and repeat sales made up the majority of sales overall due to the lack of major titles in the lineup during the period under review, sales were not sufficient to offset the aforementioned downturn in Monster Hunter 4 sales

Capcom is a Japanese video game developer and publisher famous for the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry franchises. Resident Evil 2 Revelations, an episodic installment in the long-running survival horror series, is released early next year, along with another remake of the original game – based heavily on the 2002 Gamecube remake. As well as those titles, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will see a Western release sometime next year, and Deep Down is expected to launch sometime towards the end of next year.

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