Destiny’s The Dark Below DLC revealed

Destiny’s first bit of DLC, The Dark Below, will be released on December 9, Bungie has confirmed.

The expansion will cost $19.99(US) or £19.99 (UK). Players can also purchase The Dark Below and expansion #2 on the Destiny Expansion Pass for $34.99(US) or £34.99(UK).

The Dark Below includes three new story missions, “The Will of Crota” strike and the “Crota’s End” raid. An additional raid -the Undying Mind- is provided for players on PS3 and PS4.

The light level cap will be raised from 30 to 32, and new weapons, armor and items will be introduced to allow players t0 advance beyond lvl 30. Also, bounty slots for characters will be increased from five to ten.

For multiplayer modes, three new maps will be introduced. Pantheon is set in the Vex Temple in the Black Garden; Sky Shock, a new vehicle-based map, takes place around an old interplanetary defence array. Lastly the Cauldron, a smaller map for up-close-and-personal fights, is situated on an abandoned Hive ritual site.

The Hive will be featured as the primary antagonist in the new content. When the new merchant Eris arrives at the Tower, warning the Guardians of the Hive’s plot to awaken the ancient god ‘Crota’ and destroy Earth, you’re obviously having none of it. Taking residence in the Tower’s social hub, Eris will direct and give missions to players.

Destiny is a multiplayer-focused, online-online shooter designed by Bungie – best known, of course, for creating Halo. Set in a future where a mystical entity known as the Traveler has revealed itself to mankind, the sudden appearance of the Traveler brings about a golden age of technology advancement and space exploration. However, a massive calamity wounds the Traveler and decimates human civilization. Hundreds of years later, legendary heroes called Guardians rise to wield the light of the Traveler and defend the remnants of humanity from extinction.

Kyle reviewed Destiny upon its launch last month, and found it a pretty, but ultimately shallow experience lacking both content and new ideas. Concluding with a 6/10, he had this to say: “If Bungie could have delivered on even half the promises it made, Destiny could have been something great. Instead, we are left with the skeleton of good game – and not much more.”

There are also some screenshots to accompany the details, which you can check out below. Some of them are quite striking.

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