Latest SingStar is deleting purchased songs


SingStar: Ultimate Party, the newest version of Sony’s ever-popular karaoke series, has encountered a bit of a problem.

Customers are reporting that songs they have purchased from the in-game store have mysteriously disappeared from their account, leaving some many scratching their head in annoyance.

The Ultimate Party edition of SingStar launched last week on PS3 and PS4, with the specific promise that the songs that you have already bought over the years for previous iterations would transfer over to this version. But the flood of Facebook complaints from users is a clear indication that this hasn’t quite gone as smoothly as Sony might have hoped.

Albert Herr commented on Facebook: “USA–90% of my SS songs have gone missing!!! What’s worst is that when I go to my previously purchased Song History, it shows only 5% of my total purchases since 2008 available”.

Meanwhile, Luke Hynes complained that: “I’ve been buying songs since online came available, lost hundreds of pounds in the transfer from PS3-4 , not impressed!”

Sony replied to the fan outrage with the following Facebook post:


It’s not clear how something this big happened, but SingStar plays a fairly integral role in the casual side of sales for the PlayStation consoles. If Sony wants to keep the faith of its customers, they are going to have to fix it fast. For more updates on this story follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to our RSS feed to be kept informed about all of our latest articles.

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

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