Still playing: Sunset Overdrive live stream going on now!

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UPDATE: Maddy is a machine. Not content with hours of live streaming Sunset Overdrive last night, he’s currently at it again! You can watch him live now as he bounces around Sunset City in a quest to stop the energy drink outbreak. And you can join us on Monday, when Maddy’s final written review will be live, giving our final verdict on Insomniac’s latest.

ORIGINAL: Sunset Overdrive is out next week. We’re already playing it for our upcoming review, but later today you can watch Maddy Richards playing it via a live stream on twitch!

Insomniac’s latest game is an Xbox One exclusive, which sees you running and jumping through a colorful open world after the launch of a new energy drink goes wrong and causes a zombie outbreak. Oops. Featuring a navigation system inspired by the likes of SEGA classic Jet Set Radio, you’ll be able to chain together moves and grind rails and rooftops in order to get about the city quickly and in style. You’ll need to, too, because the enemies come thick and fast, in many cases are just as agile, and will take you down in seconds if they hold of you.

Sunset Overdrive is filled with plenty of over-the-top humor, bright colors and and a distinctive art style. A good way to describe it would be to say it’s like an explosion of fireworks in a paint factory.

For more on Sunset Overdrive, why not check out our preview? After going hands-on with the game last month, I found it a lot of fun.

So come and join Maddy live from 4pm EST – or 9pm if you’re in the UK.

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