Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance now available On Wii U

Screenshot of cover art of Harmony of Dissonance

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance is now available to download on the Wii U Virtual Console.

Originally released for the Game Boy Advance back in 2002, Harmony of Dissonance was the second release in the so-called “GBA trilogy” of Castlevania games (preceeded by Circle of the Moon and followed by Aria of Sorrow). Harmony continued the blend of platform-based combat with RPG mechanics and single-map exploration first set by 1997’s Symphony of the Night on PS One and Saturn, a form of game design now affectionally referred to as Metroidvania.

You can download Harmony of Dissonance for $7.99 and either play it on your TV or on your Wii U GamePad.

Harmony of Dissonance is the second of the GBA Castlevania games available on the Wii U Virtual Console. Circle of the Moon was released last week, and Ario of Sorrow is expected to hit the Wii U soon.

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