Murasaki Baby For PS Vita Now Available on PSN

Ovosonico’s bizarre side-scrolling game for the for the PlayStation Vita is now available for digital download on PSN. It’s priced at $14.99 or 20% off / $11.99 during the first week of release.

The game is about a little girl with an upside down smile on top of her head trapped an equally bizarre world lost and looking for her mother, with nothing but a pink balloon to guide her.

The game has been directed by Massimo Guarini who also worked on Shadows of the Damned and No More Heroes.

See the trailer below for a look at gameplay across its four unique worlds to see if Murasaki Baby is a game you can see yourself delving into.

Anthony McDonald

Anthony McDonald

I am an anime geek, JRPG fan and I love stealth games. You won't want to play me online, because I'll be the guy killing you from behind or sniping you across the map. That's just how I roll. And chicken is my kryptonite.
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