Heroes of the Storm Accounts “Wiped One Last Time” Blizzard Says

Blizzard is going to wipe the accounts of Heroes of the Storm MOBA for the last time before the game reaches its final phase of its technical alpha.

Heroes of the Storm’s in game store closes today as of September 22nd, 2014 to where in game purchases or microtransactions will be made unavailable. During the period that the game’s shop is offline, all 28 playable heroes in the alpha will be made playable in a free hero rotation.

Next week is when Blizzard will shut down the game for an extended period for extensive maintenance of the game. It is during this time period where all accounts will be wiped and players will start from the beginning once more.

This account wipe includes the removal of anything you’ve previously unlocked, level progression, and even things you have purchased in-game using real money.

However the real money you spend will be refunded to your Battle.net account to be reused as you see fit. As compensation for this mandatory refund, players who have made real world purchases will be rewarded with a Wonder Billie mount.

Blizzard promises that no matter how many times if ever again an account is wiped, purchases you make in the shop are permanent, so players won’t hesitate to purchase something in fear of having to reacquire them:

Our goal is to avoid future player and hero progression wipes after we come back online, but we may still need to adjust or wipe player progression with future updates. Don’t worry, though, because we’ll give you ample warning if that ever becomes necessary.”

Anthony McDonald

Anthony McDonald

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