New Trailer for The Evil Within


A new trailer for the upcoming horror-survival game The Evil Within has been released by Bethesda.

Produced by director Shinji Mikami – of Resident Evil fame – and Tango Gameworks, The Evil Within is placed in an world where survival comes at the cost of your sanity. The game follows Sebastian Castellanos, a homicide detective who becomes trapped in a demonic world. With limited resources at his disposal Sebastian must battle countless monsters and the undead to unravel the mystery behind this evil force. It’s been positioned as Mikami’s return to “traditional” survival horror, following the more action-oriented approach of his last great contribution to the genre, Resident Evil 4.

The trailer opens with Sebastian limping through a cluttered hallway. His right knee is injured, but despite this he continues running from an deranged power. A melancholy orchestra plays in the background while deep, harsh voice narrates hinting at the torments to come.  Afterwards, the trailer shows several short scenes of traps that Sebastian and his allies must pass through. Lovecraftian horrors with orifices that can hardly be called orifices are shown snapping, grabbing and biting for Sebastian. The trailer ends and you try to remind yourself that monsters aren’t real.

Well, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m checking my closet tonight.

The Evil Within will be available on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, PS3, and PS4 on October 14 in North America and Europe.


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