The Crew gets a new Social Trailer and Limited Beta


Earlier today Ubisoft released a new trailer for The Crew, which is set to be released on November 11 (US) and 14 (EU) later this year for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The trailer details some of the social features that will be available to players after they’ve joined a crew and start taking place in the persistent online-open world of the United States.

Though there is a singleplayer campaign, much of the focus around The Crew is placed on grouping up with other racers with drop-in-drop-out gameplay, to take on other crews of racers and completing objectives. While there are individual records and obstacles, it is your crews global ranking that matters more for rewards and when competing for challenges. In terms of an MMO or other type of online game, a crew is your guild or team that will be a defining factor for all its members. Players can send messages, join games, and even compete for records and stats as they are automatically saved and uploaded to the leader boards.

Ubisoft has also announced that there will be a limited beta at the end of September for the console release and those looking to op-in for it can do so here. Those looking for more information on The Crew can check out the official website for more trailers, feature details, and screenshots. For more up to date news on The Crew and Ubisoft, follow us on Twitter and Facebook or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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