Project Cars UK release date

Bandai Namco has confirmed the UK release date for crowdfunded driving game Project Cars.

Announced on the Twitter feed for GAME – the UK’s leading game retailer – Project Cars will be available from November 21.

This is only the release date for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, however. Initially, the game was first due for release in 2013, with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions as well, but this changed and a focus on Oculus Rift support was put forward. Ports for the Wii U and Linux are also planned for release in 2015.

Project Cars was funded with quite a unique process, even for a crowdfunded campaign. Members of the community who put money into the project bought into the actual development of the game, enabling them to contribute to the design and are set to receive a cut of the game’s profits in return. Bandai Namco were brought in after the successful campaign to help publish the title.

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