OnLive coming to a new range of Philips TVs

A new range of Philips TVs will have OnLive’s cloud-based system pre-installed.

This feature will be coming out for Europe sometime throughout the year. It’ll be coming to the UK in the New Year.

In an effort to expand upon its cloud-gaming efforts, pre-installed OnLive access gives people unfamiliar with the cloud-gaming brand the chance to test out “instant on” games and high-end video games playable over a broadband connection.

Available as an Android app, users will be able to sign up by connecting a game controller or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. If you already have an OnLive subscription, you just need to sign in, but if not, you can get it for £6.95 a month.

“Integrating OnLive directly onto Philips TVs powered by Android is a perfect example of how even the most graphically demanding games can be delivered into the living room without the need for dedicated high-end gaming hardware.” said Rick Sanchez, OnLive’s vice president for product and marketing.

This seems to be in line with OnLive’s other latest innovation, CloudLift. A steam-integrated service, CloudLift provides streaming access from your devices through detecting games already installed.

Through a combination of CloudLift and this out-of-the-box integration with Philips TVs, OnLive seems to be making some very aggressive moves to get into the gamer’s living space and remain there.

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