Massive Total War: Rome 2 Expansion and Emperor Edition announced

Sega has announced Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition to the public, a definitive collection of all free content to date, including wide-ranging revisions, additions to game features and the addition of a brand new campaign entitled Imperator Augustus.

Existing Rome II players will receive all of the new content for free after installing an automatic update on the day of its launch, a nice gesture on Sega’s behalf.

The new campaign pack itself adds “hundreds of hours of sandbox gameplay across a new campaign map” according to the publisher, which will reflect the geopolitical boundaries of the Second Triumvirate War. Other new features include Twitch streaming integration, touch controls, new factions, new units and the greatly-awaited Mac version of the game.

The new edition also features improved political systems, overhauled building chains, rebalanced battles and overall a “significant graphical improvement” on both campaign and battle maps.

Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition will be in beta testing over the next few weeks, be sure to follow The Creative Assembly’s Twitter and Facebook accounts to get the latest updates. If you want to learn more about Total War: Rome II then be sure to check out our review of it here.

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