Rockstar: Lohan’s lawsuit “filed for publicity purposes”

Rockstar has spoken out in response to Lindsay Lohan’s recent lawsuit against the company. Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. and their subsidiary Rockstar Games were sued by Lindsay Lohan in July over the inclusion of in-game character Lacey Jonas, who the “actress” claims is a direct reference to her and that her likeness was used without permission.

After court papers were made public on Tuesday, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. said that the case was “filed for publicity purposes” and that she was suing them for attention. They then went on to say that they want the case to be dismissed and they want the “Mean Girl” to cover their legal fees. No comment has yet been made by Lohan or her lawyer.

Take-Two’s response to the case was that the only resemblance the character had with Lohan was that she was a young, blonde woman and that her voice, name and likeness had played no part in the creation of the character. In Grand Theft Auto 5, Lacey Lonas is encountered during a random event, portrayed as an anorexic, narcissistic prima donna attempting to escape the paparazzi.


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