5 amazing Minecraft recreations of fantasy worlds we know and love

Minecraft has always been a hub of creativity for people across the world. The freedom to build whatever you like means that people have attempted to recreate some of the world’s most recognized fantasy worlds to the best of their ability. Some of these have been small and some have been of a gargantuan 1:1 scale. We’ve already looked at some of the most awe-inspiring original fantasy creations. In this feature, we will be exploring 5 of some of the most amazing recreations of recognizable fantasy worlds.

5. Minas Tirith (Lord of the Rings)

Arguably one of the most impressive structures ever conceived by filmmakers, the cinematic version of Tolkien’s mythical Minas Tirith – the white city that sits comfortably around Ered Nimrais (part of  the White Mountains) and its outcrop – was rebuilt by EpicQuestz with an impressive amount of detail. The build is made up of seven distinct layers which include the top layer containing the famed White Tree of Gondor as well as the Citadel and the other layers that get smaller the higher up you go, each equipped with their very own gate.

Not only this, the build includes ten catapults on the towers that are dotted around the map as well as a plethora of unique buildings, each with their own interiors which range from mansions to taverns and even sewers. It’s at times like these where you realize that anything is possible to build in Minecraft, so long as you put your mind to it. This recreation of Minas Tirith epitomises what detail is all about especially when recreating a structure from a world that already exists.

You can view the trailer here or download the project here.

4. The Planet Hoth (Star Wars)

Hypixel is renowned for its Minecraft map-making and the Star Wars-themed adventure map based on the planet of Hoth is by no means one of their smallest projects. What sets this recreation apart from his other work though is the sheer level of interactivity. The creators have made the map playable by choosing one of two classes: Jedi or Trooper. The Jedi, equipped with a lightsaber, provides support for close combat whereas the Trooper relies on guns to shoot from a distance.

What really makes the map fantastic is the design. It boasts stunningly accurate models of the gigantic quadraped AT-AT walkers and accompanying bupedial AT-STs, as well as the rebel base – just how we like it to be. The custom texture pack provided alongside the map means that you can be even more fully immersed into the Star Wars universe by fighting actual Stormtroopers and shooting actual lasers from your Trooper’s gun.

The recreation of Hoth is a constant reminder of how interactivity combined with a pre-existing world will always equate to fun in Minecraft. Being able to walk through and play the map despite not being in an actual Star Wars game is truly extraordinary.

You can view the trailer here or download the project here.

3. Kanto Region (Pokémon)

One of the most celebrated and exemplified gaming series’ in the world has not only been adapted to Minecraft in the form of the Pixelmon mod, but one of its many regions has been entirely recreated in Minecraft. Project Kanto, led by gmng24, is a full rendition of the Kanto region from Pokémon Red & Green which includes every Route, every unique building (Mt. Moon, Victory Road and Indigo Plateau to name a few) and every town from the original.

Thanks to the standard rectangular shapes of the routes and areas within the original game, recreating it in the block-based engine of Minecraft isn’t as difficult as one would have thought, especially with such simple color schemes due to the dated pixel graphics of the original game. It’s genuinely incredible to walk through the entire map and to spot out different places you remember fighting Pokémons in from your childhood. Even the Pokemarts and Pokemon Centers are fully furnished and almost perfectly resemble the originals. It’s great to see some real classics being put into play in Minecraft, especially one as legendary as Pokémon.

You can view a video showcase here or download the project here.

2. Westeros (Game of Thrones)

Arguably one of the most famous of all recreations in Minecraft, the server WesterosCraft has dedicated absolutely staggering amounts of time and money into creating one of the most detailed and diverse environments ever seen in Minecraft, all based around the TV adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones universe of Westeros. The server relies on builder applications for users to come on and contribute to the ever-expanding world that they are recreating.

You can walk around the entire world by just connecting to their server, or you can simply sit there in awe at the amazing 3D renders they have made of the world. It features everything from everywhere including King’s Landing, the Wall and Castle Black, Harrenhal, Dragonstone, Lannisport and much much more. What makes this recreation even more diverse is the constant need from the organizers to update it and improve it by systematically providing them with projects to complete.

With the visual aid of the TV series and the descriptive talents of George R.R. Martin’s book series, they have every asset possible at their disposal in recreating the wonderfully varied universe that we all know and love.

You can view the trailer here or learn more about the server here.

1. Hyrule (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Last but by no means the least, this formidable work of art strikes deep into everyone’s memories and is a true masterpiece. Kezsonaj has managed to single-handedly recreate the Zelda: Ocarina of Time inside Minecraft,  a project which took him just over 6 months to complete, working single-handedly.

This project is so mighty that ZeldaUniverse.net conducted an interview with the creator asking him about his process and what drew him into recreating one of the most recognizable worlds in the gaming industry. The only way to fully appreciate this outstanding map is to watch the trailer below or to just gaze in awe at the renders Kezsonaj has made.

Kezsonaj, we applaud you for having gone to such great lengths to truly define the meaning of a fantasy world recreation in Minecraft.

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