Deux Ex Writer and BioWare Designer Kickstart Sienna Storm

Sheldon Pacotti, lead writer of Deus Ex and Deus Ex Invisible War and Tony Evans, designer on such hit games as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Dragon Age 2, have joined their collective knowledge to create an ambitious sci-fi spy thriller called Sienna Storm under the banner of a new studio called Digital Knights.

Sienna Storm uses comic book style, hand-drawn art to complement a lengthy story and a unique card game mechanic that takes the place of in-game combat , which was conceived by Magic: The Gathering – Tactics designer Darrel Hardy.

“Fluid situations are executed via an innovative card game mechanic that actuates the intel, gear, and skills you’ve gathered throughout the game,” says the game’s Kickstarter. “Persuasion is just as important as deduction in this sociopolitical thriller, in which the crucial moves in a dangerous multipolar world truly lie in your hands.”

Unlike most crowdfunding projects, which add minor rewards for each funding goal reached, Sienna Storm will reward its backers with an improved development team, thereby increasing the breath and depth of the game. The two stretch goals will involve  Deus Ex and Unreal Tournament composer Alex Brandon and Fallout designer Chris Avellone, who will join the project as an audio director/composer and as a creative consultant respectively.

Sienna Storm is looking for $179,000 total and has currently raised $4,631 at the time of writing, with 28 days remaining. You can take a look at Sierra Storm’s pitch video below and decide if this is the type of game you’d like to support.

Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz

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