Gamescom 2014: Interactive Trailer Reveals New Silent Hill Game

The P.T. playable demo that was announced at Sony’s press conference at Gamescom today has been revealed to be a trailer for a new Silent Hill game.

Twitch user SoapyWarPig livestreamed a playthrough of the demo, which is available to play now on PlayStation 4. At the end of the lengthy hour-long teaser, the names of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro are revealed, as well as the main character played by The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, before the screen turns white at the Silent Hill logo is revealed, before changing to “Silent Hills”.

The ‘s’ at the end has proved intriguing for fans of the franchise, with speculation arising as to what the game actually is. Although a considerably long demo, not much is revealed about the game itself. Will it be a reboot of the series in an alternate timeline? Could there be different versions of the town itself in one game? Or could it in fact be two games? Only time will tell, but we’re sure that die-hard fans will inevitably find links between the demo and Silent Hill lore to prove which theory is correct.

Nothing has currently been revealed about the release of the game nor which platforms it will be on, but we’ll be reporting on it when we know. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to our RSS feed to stay in the know.

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Jodie Rodgers

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