Gamescom 2014: Over 10 Million PlayStation 4’s Sold Worldwide


It has been announced at Gamescom that Sony has sold – that’s sold, not shipped – over ten million PS4s worldwide since the console launched 9 months ago.

When Sony released the console last November, they managed to sell one million units in 24 hours and the system has since gone from strength to strength, securing exclusives as Infamous Second SonUncharted 4 and Bloodborne and increasing on PlayStation’s already well-established fan-base. No sales figures were disclosed for the Vita however, which is believed to still be performing poorly at retail.

The new sales numbers may come as a blow to Microsoft who – although it hasn’t been confirmed – are believed by many industry Analysts to have sold just over five million units of Xbox One, around half that of the PlayStation 4.

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Jodie Rodgers

Jodie Rodgers

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