Gamescom 2014: Dead Island 2 debut gameplay trailer revealed

At Gamescon 2014, Deep Silver has released the debut gameplay trailer for Techland’s Dead Island 2, the latest of their zombie destroying franchise arriving Spring 2015.

This time we’ll be bashing brain-eating beasts under the cozy California sun just a few months from where Dead Island left us after the events on the Banoi islands. The Golden State is under full quarantine, which some see as a death sentence while others see new opportunities on the horizon. Multiplayer will consist of up to eight players who can either co-op, compete, or simply exist side by side as they hack’n’slash their way through all the corpses.

It’s like a modern day Gold Rush, then – except finding gold has been replaced with killing lots of undead.

We’re totally okay with that.

The first two Dead Island games were met with a mixed reception from critics, though it’s safe to say that players got far more enjoyment out of the titles. In addition to Dead Island 2, there are a number of other spin-off games such as Escape Dead Island (due later this year)and Dead Island: Epidemic. Those games, however, are being handled by other studios. Techland is currently hard at work on Dying Light, another open-world zombie-themed FPS, but one with a heavier emphasis on free running and Zombies which become stronger depending on the time of day – think Mirror’s Edge meets Dead Rising.

Dead Island 2 will be out Spring 2015 and be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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