Bandai Namco Announces Rise of the Incarnates Beta Sign-Up

Bandai Namco has announced that commencing August 8 at 9am CET, they will host ten full days of closed Beta testing for Rise of Incarnates, allowing players to experience battling in the world’s post-apocalyptic arenas trying out all manner of Incarnate super moves, crushing blows, crazy aerial combat, and probably a myriad of other goodies that haven’t yet been revealed to the public. Players will be able to choose between four Incarnates when the Beta launches: Mephistopheles, Lilith, Grim Reaper, and Ares, while a fifth character, Brynhildr, will be added on August 13.

rise_of_the_incarnates_03The battlegrounds available will be New York and Paris, and players will be able to use the environment to their tactical advantages. There isn’t any detail on just what advantages those are exactly, but if the oil tanker that flies 30 stories in the air and explodes against a skyscraper in the trailer is any indication, we should be able to find a lot of destructive things to do.

The closed Beta will also open up a selection of in-game purchase options for character customization; we only hope that those purchases aren’t wasted in a character purge before Incarnates goes live.

It’s clear that the development team has been listening to the gaming community, as they have added a bunch of new features as well as improved features from the Alpha based on player suggestions. These include:

rise_of_the_incarnates_00New Features:

  • Skill cubes can be synthesized to improve your character’s performance
  • Tag a friend to battle with over multiple matches
  • Addition of Awakening system
  • Introduction of new character, Brynhildr (8/13)
  • Introduction of new stage, Paris (8/13)
  • Additional releases of customization items (throughout the Beta)


  • Input improvements that increase control responsiveness
  • Improved UI
  • New, re-flowed tutorials
  • More screen resolution options
  • Vast array of customization items for characters

To sign up for the Closed Beta, click here.

Bandai Namco announced Rise of the Incarnates, a new 3D 2v2 combat fighter, back in April. The game will be free-to-play and is currently projected for release on PC.

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