Persona Q hits North America on November 25


Etrian Odyssey-lookalike Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is slated to release November 25, 2014 in North America.

Of the Persona 4 spin-off triumvirate (the others being Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and Persona 4: Dancing All Night), Persona Q is the only Nintendo release, slated for the 3DS.

For a more in-depth look at Persona Q, Continue-Play has a review courtesy of Shehzaan Abdulla herePersona Q is available in two packages: a standard retail package and a “The Wild Cards Premium Edition”, which includes a “Sound of the Labyrinth” music CD, a Persona Q art book, 11 Tarot Cards, and a Nintendo 3DS XL case.

Enjoy the long road to Persona 5.

Joe Yang

Joe Yang

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