PC release date confirmed for Trails in the Sky: First Chapter

Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter still hasn’t materialized. However, the PC  version of Trails in the Sky: First Chapter is coming to Steam next week on July 29, quite some time after the initially promised 2013-2014 “Winter” window. Still, better late than never.

If you don’t own a PSP or Vita, this might be the best time to jump in and experience an RPG that hearkens back to the wordy, character driven, light-adventure RPGs reminiscent of old Game Arts games such as Grandia and Lunar. The duology follows the story of Estelle Bright and her adopted brother Joshua Bright as they conduct mercenary work across the Kingdom of Liberl. Despite most of the game being lighthearted, there are glimpses of something bigger and badder at work behind the scenes.

First Chapter is notable for ending on a cliff-hanger ending that the Second Chapter resolves. Sadly, Second Chapter’s game’s mammoth translation has kept it in localization limbo years after the PSP release of Trails in the Sky: First Chapter (2011).

In Japan, the Trails in the Sky games were initially released on the PC, with the PSP and PlayStation 3 versions in tow. These versions included a new 16:9 aspect ratio, voice samples for battles, selectable difficulty levels, and new game plus support – all of these features are being added to the English version of Trails in the Sky: First Chapter’s PC release.

There are still multiple stories in the Trails of universe which have not been localized. This includes the Crossbell Duology, which I went as far as calling the best JRPG on the Vita, bar-none. In any case, this brings fans one step closer to seeing the English release of Trails in the Sky: Second Chapter, a game we noted for having powerful, believable character development but running on longer than necessary.

There’s currently no word on whether an English version of the PS3 port will see release. In the meantime, check out the higher fidelity visuals of the PC version in the trailer below.

Shehzaan Abdulla

Shehzaan Abdulla

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