Wii U exclusive Fatal Frame shown off in trailer


As previously reported on Tuesday, the first footage of a new Wii U-exclusive game in the Fatal Frame series – known as Project Zero in its native Japan – has been shown off.

Developed in collaboration with Nintendo, who know co-owns the IP, Tecmo Koei showed off around 3 minutes of gameplay footage during a dedicated event. The trailer shows off some rather attractive graphics, and features a young girl wandering through a forest. Of course, this being a Fatal Frame title, it isn’t long before supernatural gubbins start to occur.

Fatal Frame is a long-running survival horror series that sees players combating ghosts with the aid of a supernatural camera.

This new game doesn’t have a full title as of yet – so we don’t know if it’s a remake, a spin-off or Fatal Frame 5, and nor do we have a release date or word on whether or not it will be localized. While most previous entries had made it over to Western shores, Wii exclusive Fatal Frame 4 remained in its native Japan – something which upset long-term fans who still hope for its eventual release (might want to keep waiting, guys…). But with Nintendo suffering from a lack of third-party developer support in the West, and with a Fatal Frame movie, comic book and novel on the way, it could be that Nintendo see it as a key part of bolstering the struggling Wii U’s appeal amongst core gamers.

Take a look at the trailer below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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