Abyss Odyssey out now on Xbox 360, PC and PS3

ACE Team’s latest project, Abyss Odyssey, is now available to purchase on Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Store.

While the studio’s last game, Zeno Clash, was a surrealist first-person brawler, Abyss Odyssey is a side-scrolling procedurally-generated action-RPG. There are 3 different characters to choose from, each with a unique moveset, and equipment can be looted and customized as you fight through hordes of enemies to gain experience and level up. You can also harvest the souls of downed foes, taking on their form and abilities.

Inspired by Chilean folklore and with an appealing Art Nouveau aesthetic, Abyss Odyssey offers plenty of replay value and a unique twist – fight your way through and defeat the final boss, and rather than beat the game you’ve simply contributed towards changing his form. As more and more players defeat him, eventually his mask will shatter and he will change into a far more challenging version of himself with an entirely new skillset.

Abyss Odyssey carries a RRP of $14.99/ £10.99, but to celebrate the launch ACE Team are offering it at 33% off on Steam and Xbox, and 30% off on Playstation for the first week (European PlayStation owners need to be subscribed to PS+). There’s also a nifty launch trailer, which you can view below.


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