Mighty Tactical Shooter demo available

The demo for Mighty Tactical Shooter is now available on its Kickstarter page. The demo features two sample levels, giving players a general idea of how the game functions.

Mighty Tactical Shooter is an odd, but promising mash-up of an old school arcade shooter, RPG progression, a modern tactical UI, turned-based combat, and a world where physics and gravity can be bent to your will.

The game rewards careful planning and a good idea of trajectory over frenetic responsiveness. The plot is a simple escape mission, whereupon the player must take a severely damaged ship on a hostile planet and escape. Showcased at Rezzed 2014, Mighty Tactical Shooter received positive responses.

It’s Kickstarter campaign has been very successful, reaching 40% of its £10,000 goal within a week.

Oliver Zimmerman

Oliver Zimmerman

South-African raised, Dublin-resident. Oli loves games in all their shapes and forms. He particularly loves RPGs. He's also a keen wordsmith, and can often be found not just playing games, but also discussing their rights and wrongs.
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