Trial and unlock supported on Xbox One

Microsoft has updated the Xbox One to include the same trial and unlock functionality found on the Xbox 360. The feature allows users to download Xbox Live Arcade titles as a free demo, and pay to unlock the full version without downloading the title for a second time. While no titles at the moment support this feature on Xbox One, developers now have the option.

ID@Xbox boss, Chris Charla said: “When Xbox one launched you could do game demos and you could do games. But we didn’t have the functionality that was on Xbox 360 – that trial experience where you could download a demo and then covert it (to the full version).”

Charla also said that Microsoft was working on improving the discoverability of indies on Xbox platforms, suggesting that in the future users may be able to search for just ID@Xbox games. This issue of finding indie games is well documented on Microsoft platforms, with Team Meat – the creators of Super Meat Boy – infamously frustrated by their place on the Xbox marketplace. Chris also spoke briefly about the future of ID@Xbox, teasing that there were now hundreds of ID@Xbox games in development.

The future looks bright for ID@Xbox, with previous features making a return on Xbox One and future improvements promised, that will benefit both users and developers alike. For everything Xbox one; including games and future firmware updates, stay tuned.

Alister Price

Alister Price

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