Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit hits Early Access


The independent publisher, Versus Evil, has partnered with the developer 4gency and announced together that Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit will be available on Steam through its Early Access program. The founder of 4gency had the following to say:

“We are excited to announce that a very early build of Habitat is finally available for gamers to try out on Steam Early Access. Habitat is a truly one of a kind experience and we think that people will love playing in this early sandbox version we’ve built. Gamers will be able to put some of the game’s key gameplay mechanics to the test and we look forward to their feedback so we can shape the game into a fully featured space survival experience when it launches.”

In Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit players will take up the role of ‘Commander’ and lead a team of engineers in their mission to gather different debris in a procedurally-generated  orbital field that houses various space junkyards for you to raid and create things with. Habitat’s sandbox environment opens a large and diverse range of possibilities for the player with different combinations and elements of debris yielding different results. Exploration, resource management and physics-based flight and combat come together for the ultimate space survival experience.

In the early access build, players will be able to explore, manage their engineers, build and rearrange or repair different habitats created from the space junk they come across from space junkyards. They will also be able to test out the physics-driven flight simulation that makes use of rocket physics, boosters and steerable thrusters to get you around as well as play with lasers, grappling hooks and particle accelerators that can turn their creations into deadly kinetic orbital weapons. Finally, they’ll be able to practice destroying and salvaging enemy space stations, taking on defense turrets and nanomachine hunters in a bid to survive.

Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit’s Early Access build for PC, Mac and Linux is now available through Steam, Amazon, Humble Store, GameFly, Gamer’s Gate, GreenMan Gaming and Nuuvem priced at $14.99, £10.99 and €14.99. A ‘buddy-code’ bundle is also available that allows players to have the option to buy one code for themselves and one for their friend at a reduced rate, is also available for $19.99, £14.99 and €19.99.






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