Dragon Age: Inquisition – Meet Varric the Storyteller


Developer BioWare has recently been releasing more details and lore about the characters of Dragon Age: Inquisition through a series of developer interviews with various members of the writing staff. Today we will be looking at the fan favorite Varric and his beloved crossbow Bianca as Mary Kirby explains what the handsome dwarf has been up too since we’ve last seen him.

Fans of the series should remember Varric as the primary source of narration of Dragon Age II as he was being interrogated by members of what would become the Inquisition. Throughout the entire game Varric was the man with a plan and he had all the answers – there was nothing he didn’t have an opinion on. After the inquisitive Cassandra wrangled all the details about the events surrounding the last game as she could out of Varric, she had him shipped hundreds of miles away where he will no doubt find himself at the center of another grand adventure.

Mary explains that Varric is completely out of his element but his charm and ability to recount stories will help the main protagonist gather the members of the Inquisition to combat the growing threat. His constant witty commentary on the world around him was the primary reason he became such a beloved character during his initial introduction, and his eye for the world has only sharpened between instalments.

However, this time around he’ll clash more with the new cast of characters as he is now an outside in their lands and far from home and his comfort zone. Cassandra still does not fully trust the bard and will have a constant eye on his every move fearing that he may still betray the Inquisition as a way to avoid personal harm.

With Varric as one of the better known characters in the franchise, Mary’s interview about him was on the shorter side compared to the rest of the cast. But she did say she was able to write her favorite scene in the franchise and it involves the silver tonged dwarf and “a game of wicked grace.”

We look forward to seeing how this fish out of water story will turn out for a character that never left our party in Dragon Age II, and check in for more character interviews as they are released.

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