New Hyrule Warriors Trailer Shows Off Lana

Tecmo Koei has released a new trailer that shows off Lana, the newest character in their upcoming hack-and-slash game Hyrule Warriors.

Lana is a sorceress who uses magic spells to defeat her enemies. She uses a spell book to summon a variety of attacks, including barriers, which not only protect her, but can be used to mow down enemies, and large cubes, which she can stand on while it decimates her opponents. You can see more in the trailer down below.

Hyrule Warriors is a Zelda-themed take on the popular (and long-running) Dynasty Warriors series, which has players taking on the role of a wide variety of characters from Nintendo’s series and throwing them into large-scale fights on expansive battlefields. The game is set to be released September 26, and is a Wii U exclusive.

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