Play as a female assassin in Sunset Overdrive


This year’s E3 generated a bit of controversy after Ubisoft revealed that there will be no female playable characters in Assassin’s Creed: Unity – a controversy which we felt was largely unjustified.

Well, it seems that Insomniac Games took note of all the brouhaha, as the developer has revealed that in their upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, players will be able to take form of a female Assassin.

Sunset Overdrive is an over-the-top mixture of parkour and third-person shooting set in the fictional world of Sunset City. The city’s population has been transformed into hordes of rampaging zombie-like monstrosities after overdosing on a new energy drink. It looks pretty good so far, with a riotous use of color that evokes the heyday of Sega’s Dreamcast output and the sort of free-form environmental navigation rarely seen since the sad decline of the Tony Hawk franchise.

Check out the reveal of the female assassin in the video below.

Will Kindricks

Will Kindricks

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