Phil Fish Isn’t Publishing…

We all well remember Phil Fish’s rather famous exeunt from the internet in 2013. After throwing up his arms in disgust, he locked down his official Twitter account, announced the cancellation of Fez 2 and has rarely been seen nor heard from since (though, apparently, he indulged in a spot of DJing at a post-GDC party this year). But recently it looks as though he is ready to come back to gaming: his Twitter account has been made public again – with a characteristically Fish-like April Fool’s tweet announcing the return of Fez 2 being of particular note – but it is his most recent tweet that is garnering some attention at the moment.

Fish and Polytron, along with FinjiGames, have announced a “partnership” to bring Panoramical to Steam in early 2015. On Polytron’s website, a letter from Fish indicated that the last two years have been busy with wrapping up Fez and its six additional ports. Now, he’s ready to move on.

“What Polytron could help with was production and promotion. Marie-Christine, our producer, could help organize the game’s final stretch of development, and I could make sure people heard about it,” Fish says in the letter. “And so, we decided to team up and try to make Panoramical the best damned analog musical landscape anthology it could be. One word we’re trying real hard to avoid is ‘publishing.’ Because what does that even mean in 2014, really? Even saying it out loud feels wrong. ‘We’re publishers! Look at us! We’re publishing!’

“Naw. It’s a partnership.”

For Fish, a man not known for his reticence, to dance around the subject is a bit unusual. Still, whatever you want to call it – if it helps out developers, then that’s all that matters.

We’ll keep a close eye on this as things develop.

Jenna Fraser
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